Rear Naked Choke (RNC) Tutorial [1080]

by katarina thedommekat pierce

With Her dance background and love of moving to music, Katarina loves the violent dance of wrestling... and Her two favorite things are rolling around like a happy destructive bowling ball and choking the hell out of people. People, in this case, are two non-wrestling submissives, Fetish Fellow and Peaches. Katarina, wearing a black thong string bikini, demonstrates some of the ways to serve up pain with the rear naked choke in various positions, including the Gable grip. As the subs get woozy or grunt in discomfort, the sadistic Domme squeals with delight. The normally vivacious Domina Katarina shows Her "softer" side as She takes advantage of the closeness the BJJ choke provides... and She whispers sweet threats in Her victims' ears. Imagine Her breath tickling your ear as Her arms wrap around your neck, Her face brushing against yours while Her legs wrap around your waist for a backup body scissor. Filmed by Lana Luxor.

Keywords: rear naked choke, RNC, instructional, bikini, thong

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