KPW220 Scissoring London

by killpussy

Killlpussy is barely covered in white thong leotard and pantyhose, towering over London in her black sheer bodysuit. Within seconds of meeting, London is between Killpussys thighs, scissored. Killpussy has such skill that soon London struggles to breath in a figure four scissors. Poor London all this time is straining to escape Killpussys powerful twenty seven inch thighs. However, Killpussy turns London onto her back then spreads that muscular body over London. London has the pleasure of Killpussy smothering with those breasts. No amount of crying from London, muffled by Killpussys chest can make it stop. Killpussy still has those thighs crossed over London and squeezes still harder. London moaning and twisting to attempt to release herself from Killpussy, but to no avail. London is rewarded for this by being placed in a tightening choke hold as Killpussy also scissors her across the chest. Air is forced from London as Killpussy allows no escape only momentary respite to keep London suffering. London bravely tries to scissor Killpussy. The gesture is futile and London is again flat under Killpussy and being squashed in a half Boston Crab. Killpussy is toying with London as a cat with a mouse, those legs and arms of Killpussy are too strong and too skilled. London is now under Killpussys crotch prevented from breathing by Killpussys full body weight on London's face. The eventual submission by London is greeted by Killpussy in a victory pose, as always.

Keywords: Female Wrestling, Lesbian Domination, Scissorhold

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Length: 10 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 199332 Added: 09-10-2020