1586-Barbie Crusher – Loser by Piledriver

by Jezabella

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas Jennifer Thomas, one of the powerful girls in wrestling, is tired of all these lil barbie bitches, (can’t call them “divas” anymore, God Forbid), who think they are the worlds gift to wrestling and is determined to be the self proclaimed Barbie Crusher. But first she has a score to settle with Jezabel Romo, the head Barbie of Lucha Girls. Jezabel knows that Jennifer has been talking big time trash and is determined to put her in her place! THey have met countless times in the past years, but this time a piledriver is on the line. Winner by victory, or loser by Piledriver. Download LGW’s “1586-Barbie Crusher – Loser by Piledriver” and watch who leaves defeated and who is out by a Tombstone Piledriver? Time Limit ~ 12 min Format ~ MP4

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Price: $9.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 12 minutes Resolution: 854x480
Size: 224842 Added: 02-28-2018