Lana Luxor Vs Tommy: Competitive Match with Punishment Round

by lana luxor

Lana faces off against a new mixed wrestling opponent - Tommy. Tommy enjoys wrestling however has no formal training whereas Lana's been consistently training in both BJJ & submission grappling for the last 2.5 years. In addition, Lana also has amazing upper body strength and matching strong toned legs so as Tommy soon finds out this is going to a very intense match for him. Although Tommy has a size advantage on Lana (his 190lbs vs Lana's 150lbs) Lana tosses Tommy around up and down the mat using various sweeps and front headlock takedowns. At one point, Tommy remarks on how "fast" Lana is right before she puts him in another dominating move. All in the while, Lana trash talks Tommy calling him "weak" and a "bitch boy" as she humiliates him with forced foot worship as she has him in devastating holds such as armbars and straight arm locks. In the end, Tommy is completely exhausted as he has is forced to endure a facesitting punishment round with Lana smothering him until it's lights out for Tommy. Lana Luxor is 5'7 & 150lbs Tommy is 5'9 & 190lbs

Keywords: mixed wrestling, grappling, punishment round, victory pose, lana luxor, facesitting

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