Savannah always wins part 1

by Savannah Fox

Savannah and Andrea are set to have a anything goes scissors wrestling match. While waiting for Savannah, Andrea gets a call from Lana Luxor. She tells Andrea to be careful, Last time she wrestled Savannah , Savannah played dirty. She tied Lana up while she was knocked out and then proceeded to humiliate her and made Lana her scissor bitch! While Andrea is busy on the phone, Savannah arrives in the background. Savannah overhears Andrea telling Lana not to worry. She going to have the upper hand and this time Savannah going to end up being the one who become her scissor slave! Savannah quickly sneaks backstage to avoid being seen. How dare that bitch Lana call Andrea and warn her! There is no way Savannah is going to become anybody's scissor bitch! She is the Ultimate wrestler and nobody is going to take her title and humiliate her! Savannah spies Andrea's water bottle and has an idea. She still has so napping pills left over from her plane ride. She drops one in Andrea's water and then walks into her match. This just got a lot more interesting...

Keywords: wrestling thong bikinis limp fetish brat girl scissorhold thick thighs

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