Savannah always wins part 2

by Savannah Fox

In this part 2 update Andrea has Savannah in a front head scissor hold. Savannah is tapping to get out but Andrea is holding Savannah tight between her powerful thighs. When she finally lets go, Savannah is furious. NOBODY pulls that with her and gets away with it. Savannah warns Andrea now the gloves are off! The girls fight fiercely, each trying to gain the upper hand on the mats. Savannah is not used to going up against someone who has thighs the size of Andrea's! Andrea knows how to use her legs to gain control on the mats. When they finally break for a sip of water, Andrea is starting to feel a little woozy. She chalks it up to just being squeezed to many times, but as the match goes on she continually becomes more dizzy and sleepy! Slowing down, Savannah starts gaining on her, taking her down easily. Andrea is so confused as to why she is becoming so sleepy! Savannah starts taunting her, asking her if she just wants to forfeit the match, before Savannah really hurts and humiliates her! Andrea is determined to finish and Savannah gets her in a brutal take down. When they reset it takes all of Andrea's willpower to not collapse on the mat. Savannah laughs and tells Andrea just exactly why she is feeling so sleepy! Savannah overheard Andrea telling Lana on the phone how she planned to make Savannah her scissor bitch and humiliate her! Savannah slipped a napping pill into Andrea's water bottle! Stunned Andrea can barley resit as Savannah puts her in a scissor-hold to give her the ultimate KO! Go to rest bitch! Savannah yells! When Andrea knocks out, Savannah grabs some rope. She begins tying up Andrea's feet and legs. Now its Savannah's turn to really humiliate this loser. Hmm but she wants Andrea awake to experience the pain and degradation. But how to wake her up? Maybe Savannah should wipe her sweaty armpits on Andrea face? Or sit her big sweaty booty on her face? Maybe she should call Lana up and let her hear Andrea scream and beg for mercy Oh the possibilities of humiliation are endless in Savannah's perverted mind.....

Keywords: wrestling big butts thick thighs bondage ko limp fetish thong bikini

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