I Married ME, So Fuck You! HD 4k

by sexiravenrae

Well it looks like Madam RavenRae got married! And Guess to who? HERSELF! Yep she got a tattoo and promised her vows to herself! Clearly she doesn’t need a man and now every one of them will know it forever. The only man she likes in a tiny submissive... about to give his life for her and grovels just to live in her presence. No man can ever compare to her sex appeal, her strength and her intelligence plus this witch can cook… YOU! Her Tiny slaves in the house always find a way to get loose and try to be close to her... even if it means risking their small measly lives for just one more second with their Goddess. Madam RavenRae had Mistress Katarina over for a bit to have a drink and some girl talk. Katarina loved to hear of her friends new found love for herself. Mistress Katarina has been a good friend and often comes over to talk trash with Madam RavenRae over the loser guys they end up crushing! Today they are laughing it up in RavenRae’s new living room after destroying her last slave and taking all his money to move into a new 5 bedroom home. She is a queen as she has always done what she wanted but now you see it first hand...or should I say foot? Watch as one of her tiny slaves got loose and needed to be close to her feet so bad he risked it all as she was talking and she didn’t even notice he was there until it was too late for him!

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