KPW231 Pussy Willow's Amazon Pussy Bashing HD

by killpussy

Killpussy in tiger print leotard and pantyhose faces Pussy Willow in pussy print bikini. The battle of the Pussies. But these are Amazons so no pussying about. As they begin Pussy Willow gets in the pussy kicks to Killpussy first. Winded but not perturbed Killpussy takes the kicks and then pounces forcing Pussy Willow to the floor of the ring. Pussy Willow has her legs held skyward by Killpussy, and this opens up the crotch for Killpussy to pussy stomp Pussy Willow. Struggling off the floor, Pussy Willow verbally abuses Killpussy before the pair try to scissor each other. Rolling on the ring floor, scissoring each other, Pussy Willow is able to take the initiative and has Killpussy in a schoolgirl pin. This and the subsequent face sitting is, of course, not to Killpussys liking. Then Pussy Willow is twisted around so Killpussy is able to face sit Pussy Willow, again, Killpussy is having fun which Pussy Willow is not, complaining quite vigorously. So Pussy Willow breaks the hold and crotch kicks Killpussy hard. Doubling over, Killpussy is now the one on the ring floor with Pussy Willow crotch stomping. The match is so even it is impossible to see which Pussy is going to win. Killpussy or Pussy Willow. You’ll have to watch the Pussy Bashing until the end to find out!

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Length: 9 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
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