Don't wrestle the referee

by terramizu

JERRY has won yet another WRESTLING match and the referee TERRAMIZU raises his hand in victory! Jerry is excited to see the last 2 opponents he gets to WRESTLE, until the referee mentions they both were too scared to fight, leaving no one else in the building but Jerry and Terra. Jerry then challenges Terra to a MIXED WRESTLING match, but Terra refuses as she is the referee, and there are rules against that. He refuses to accept that and puts Terra in a REAR NAKED CHOKEHOLD! Terra throws him over her shoulder and immediately clamps him with her powerful LEGS! Her HEADSCISSORS cause his head to turn colors! She continues on to WRESTLE him, putting him in a CAMEL CLUTCH, BODY SCISSORS, BOSTON CRAB, GRAPEVINE, GUILLOTINE and finishes off with a REAR NAKED CHOKEHOLD! Jerry KNOCKS OUT and Terra stands over his body, FLEXING her MUSCLES and calling him a loser for submitting to a woman!

Keywords: mixed wrestling, fantasy wrestling, pro style wrestling

Price: $11.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 10 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 199997 Added: 03-20-2021