HP-863 Mistaken Identity - HD

by hollywood

Hollywood is talking on the phone about booking an audition for a superhero costume catalog. She is looking sexy in print top, black skirt, and high heels. She excitedly leaves the room to prepare. We next see the doomed Hollywood dressed as SuperGyrl, ready for her big audition, but something is wrong. There is no one around to start the audition! Well, except for the goon dressed in black who thinks that she is the REAL Supergyrl. Our poor helpless model struggles in vain to ward off her clueless attacker, but she is beaten senseless. She is subjected to stomach punches, multiple knockouts, the torture rack, back breakers, you name it, this evil villain does it to her! The poor broken model is left convulsing in a heap.

Keywords: Hollywood, Beatdowns, SuperHeroine,

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Length: 14 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
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