Female Wrestling: Squashing Anna |mp4|HD|

by rage shieldmaiden

Whenever Anna faces Rage on the mats, it's known that it's not going to be a good day for Anna. This was the hardest match for her to film on that day and she needed a good rest before the next one, get the clip to see why. Everything that happens to Anna is so realistically brutal. Rage pins, smothers and squeezes her so tightly, and gives her female opponent a complete sadistic trashing on the mats - both physical and verbal. Not only is Rage putting her in all these painful and tight holds, but also subjugates her to mean foot smothers and suffocating facesits, also riding her face at times, and more. Such a humiliation on this poor girl! This match was supposed to be semi-competitive, but Rage gets so vicious with Anna she doesn't even let her get a break after she taps her out, just keeps on pummeling her. When Anna gets a little too loud in her screams for help, Rage tends to shut her up by putting her hand over Anna's mouth, forbidding her to scream, speak - or just breathe for that matter! This goes on as long as it took to fully break any last remaining bit of resistance Anna had, and make her admit out loud that Rage is better and stronger than her. Rage knew that already of course, but still this achievement required a little celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with a set of different victory poses...

Keywords: Rage Shieldmaiden, Sadistic wrestling, Pindown, Tight SG pin, Rear naked choke/Body scissors, Boob smother, Smothering, Grapevine pin, Foot smother, Camel clutch, Foot choke, Triangle choke, Headscissors, Reverse headscissor, Tight holds, Hand on Mouth, Verbal degradation, Victory posing

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