Rage's school of physical domination | Part 2: Anna's first rodeo |mp4|HD|

by rage shieldmaiden

Marek is left alone to Anna's devices, and as she threatens him herself right at the beginning, he's in for a surprise. A very painful and humiliating one! Finally the tables have turned for Anna, and for the first time she has the opportunity to get her dominant side out to play. She enjoys thoroughly punishing this "pathetic man" as she likes to call Marek, she puts him in some prolonged camel clutches and choke holds, slashing his throat with her pubic bone, squeezing and stepping all over him, breaking his resistance as she mocks and insults her test dummy every step of the way. She took in all the Rage's lessons, tips and tricks from their earlier class together, and is putting it into impressive use, marveling at herself and her beautiful legs whenever she squeezes him hard. And Marek can do nothing but to keep on tapping out. This might be Anna's first domination rodeo, but her confidence makes it look like she has done this a few times before. She smothers him with her voluptuous fit ass, puts him in some devastatingly sexy headscissors, even making him lick her feet clean to humiliate him even more... She simply can't get enough of her new-found power!

Keywords: Camel clutch, Choke hold, Facesitting, SG pin, Pubis choke, Headscissor, Ass smothering, Pindown, Reverse headscissor, Triangle hold, Hand on mouth, Victory pose

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