Rage's school of physical domination | Part 1: Teach her to wrestle |mp4|HD|

by rage shieldmaiden

After experiencing herself many times what it's like to be under Rage's foot, Anna is lucky enough today to be in Rage's team for a change. In fact, she's here to attend her first class of wrestling domination, after Rage decided to take Anna under her wing and coach her. She is going hold by hold, explaining everything every step of the way on unwilling Marek, who serves as their crash dummy. Rage starts by demonstrating some simple moves, like school girl pin and facesitting transition, and then guides Anna into repeating the same. Anna might be a bit awkward and shy at first, but she quickly gets the gist of it and starts really enjoying her newfound power. As a master of her craft, Rage is giving her some extra tips for nice sadistic touches, how to make the male suffer under her even more... She shows her the way into headscissor, and then explain all about double arm bar. And Anna does it on the first try! Marek gets reduced to a putty in their hands, legs, and feet, as they laugh at him and mock for the whole duration of this class. Rage also teaches Anna how to do cross body pin, even assisting her with her own weight to create more pressure at times, double pin down, reverse headscissors, reverse triangles, camel clutch, and also how to do a proper foot domination and how to victory pose. She feels very proud of Anna, as she gets up and decides that she learned enough and it's time for her to dominate Marek on her own, leaving him at Anna's mercy, hands and feet while she go grabs some lunch. What happens when Anna stays alone with Marek? Find out in Part 2: Anna's first rodeo Coming to my store quickly!

Keywords: Rage Shieldmaiden, Double domination, Wrestling class, Facesitting, SG pin, Headscissor, Double arm bar, Double foot domination, Cross body pin, Ass smothering, Double pindown, Reverse headscissor, Reverse triangle, Camel clutch, Hand on mouth, Victory pose

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