HP-861 Hollywood vs Sumiko - HD

by hollywood

This battle is TOO HOT TO HANDLE!! The great Hollywood dressed in a black bikini with fishnet gloves against the equally sexy SUmiko dressed in black bikini. It never gets any better than these sexy ladies! The battle is fierce and intense as the two ladies trade off putting each other in many different moves like the camel clutch, bow and arrow, stomach punches, multiple knock outs via sleeper hold (Hollywood even toys with knocking out Sumiko at one point, just to knock her out anyway), the Boston Crab, HOM knock outs, a grapevine, many pin falls, and much, much more. Each lady takes great pleasure in making her opponent struggle in the move in which she is trapped. In the end, the loser is bound and gagged. who is the winner? The viewer of course!!

Keywords: sumiko, Hollywood, bondage, belly punching, female wrestling

Price: $16.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 15 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 292261 Added: 03-22-2018