HP-858 SuperGryl Gets Blasted

by hollywood

Supergryl played by our gorgeous Hollywood, goes to investigate a call about the possibility that someone has found out how to use an alien technology that is very powerful. Supergryl is very skeptical when she is warned to protect herself. Going in confident as always she finds that the technology is real, and it is powerful enough to hurt the girl of steel. Now reeling she is put down on the ground where the villain played by the ever sexy Goldie tells her she will turn out Supergirl's lights, and proceeds to do just that. With the maiden of might down for the count, can she recover in time and defeat this technology, or will she simply be destroyed and left for dead. Find out in another exciting adventure for Supergryl!!!

Keywords: Hollywood, Superheroines, Goldie

Price: $14.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 14 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 259666 Added: 03-22-2018