HP-851 WW Test L&C

by hollywood

Wonder Womyn enters looking sexy in her bikini. She starts stretching to get ready for her next interview. The man she is to interview is late and she begins to wonder out loud if he is strong enough to pass her test. He soon arrives and after a brief explanation of the Wonder Womyn Test, they begin. Wonder Womyn has the man put her into a fireman's carry and he holds her up to touch the ceiling, then she wraps her legs around his waist and he holds her while she does sit ups. These two grapplers co-operate to bring you piggy back rides, lap sitting , cradles , arm lifts, side lifts and over the shoulder torture racks, WW on the man's shoulders, and much, much more. To take things a step further, Wonder Womyn also has the man do calf raises, squats, and bicep curls while he is holding her. Wonder Womyn even gets to show off her strength by lifting the man! If you are a fan of lift and carry, then this video is for you!

Keywords: Hollywood, lift & Carry, Superheroine

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Length: 10 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
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