Lexi Art x Lora Cross - Fantasy Submission Wrestling with Muscle Worship Punishment Rounds

by loracross

Overview: Lora Cross vs Lexi Art - Both in bikinis 2 out of 3 with the loser muscle worshiping the winner after each fall (mostly biceps and abs). Introduction: Lora is flexing for her fans and saying she’s putting her undefeated record on the line against her toughest opponent yet. She introduces Lexi who does some flexing and posing and invites Lora's fans to come over to team Lexi. As they flex they go over the rules, no face punches, chokes etc and Lexi stares down Lora before they start. First round is all Lexi. Lexi is way too strong for a surprised Lora. Lexi gets in a lot of belly punches, abs stretches and stretches her over her knee. Lora tries a few belly punch of her own but Lexi just winces and keeps attacking. Lexi wins with a brutal scissors. Lora looks done and Lexi offers to end the match now. Lora insists on continuing and obviously enjoys the muscle worshiping. Round 2 starts the same with Lora not seeming to have a chance. Lexi is just throwing her around and beating her up. Lexi is so confident she stops to flex a lot. She’s worried her new fans will be disappointed by such a short match. This give Lora a break and she goes on offense. She gets in a lot of belly punches which finally start to wear down Lexi. After some back and forth Lora is able to get a submission. Now it’s Lexi’s turn but Lora admits she prefers being the one worshiping Round 3 is back and forth with Lexi still overpowering Lora but Lora getting some offense. Lexi takes over and puts Lora in a bear hug. Lora can’t get out and starts to go limp. Lora then rallies and fights her way out. Lexi tries another scissors and has Lora screaming but not tapping. Lora then starts punching Lexis abs to get out. The rest is all Lora. It takes a lot but she finally gets the win pinning a worn out Lexi. Lexi starts muscle worshiping but Lora has her switch places and enjoys her muscle worshiping Lexi. She even raises Lexi’s arm and acknowledges her as her toughest opponent and admits she was lucky to pull out the win.

Keywords: muscle worship, lora cross, lexi art, wrestling, female wrestling, female fighting, flexing, muscle worship, bjj, jiu jitsu, cage fight, female fighting

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