by tomiko1

The Bruise Brothers have been breaking into lots of different businesses stealing cash from the safe and parts to sell. Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) is alerted by the police when a silent alarm goes off. She shows up and investigates the whole store. She sees the damaged door and heads downstairs. They hear the noise and she spots one of the guys and starts to go into a fight scene with him. He is beaten down, and it looks like she is going to win but she doesn't see the other one sneak up behind her and he bops her of the head with a club knocking her out. She is lifted and carried by the 3rd Bruise Brother and brought upstairs and tied to a chair and gagged with tape. Her belt was removed but this doesn't stop Wonder Tomi from getting out of her bind. She runs out confronting the two guys not knowing there is a third one. She fights the two of them kicking their ass. It looks like she is the winner but she is surprised by the two men when they grab her and she is once again knocked out by a club by the third guy. She is lifted and carried out and put into the back of the truck where they take off. Is this end of Wonder Tomi? Will crime start to pick up in the City?


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Length: 12 minutes Resolution: 872x720
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