I'll Take Your Bet

by nyxon

Nyxon is catching up with the latest episodes of Mad Men, when Jason walks into the room. Nyxon makes a comment about women's place in society in the 1960's & Jason says that he doesn't think that things have changed much. Nyxon is beside herself & just doesn't understand how Jason could be so sexist. So, she makes a bet with him. If he can take her strong legs crushing him in a tight scissorhold, then she'll admit that women are the weaker sex. If Jason taps & can't take her strong legs, he'll admit that men are weaker than women. Jason agrees & places Jason into a tight scissorhold. He struggles a bit & gasps for air, and Nyxon quickly moves him into a figure-4 hold. From there she places him into a crushing reverse head scissors & squeezes his neck as hard as she can. Jason is surprised by Nyxon's strength, but he's not ready to tap yet. Nyxon is determined to win the bet, so she places him into a series of excruciatingly tight scissorholds until Jason just can't take it any more. Nyxon laughs as Jason rolls around on the ground in pain, then to add insult to injury, she orders him to get her a beer from the kitchen.

Keywords: scissorholds, strong legs, barefoot

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