Who is the strongest?!

by Savannah Fox

Cheyenne and Savannah are no strangers to competition. They have wrestled each other many times and are both determined to be the strongest. After a good workout together Savannah says she noticed Cheyenne has bee lifting heavy, and heavier weights. Cheyenne flexes her sculpted arms and brags about how lean and powerful her muscles are becoming. Savannah flexes her upper body comparing her muscles. They flex their thighs and Savannah notices how big Cheyennes muscles are getting. But Savannah brags that her thick muscles are still stronger then all of Cheyennes new hard ones. Cheyennes laughs in Savannah's face and claims that is SHE who is now the strongest one. To settle their argument they must prove who is the best. Savannah calls in her human weight set. She wagers a test of strength. The girls will perform lifts, and different feats of strength with her human weight set to determine who really is the strongest! To make each lift even more challenging the girls add tests, like squatting, calf raises, standing on 1 foot and even full cradle carry curls! Who will win?!?!

Keywords: lift and carry, strong woman , leggings, big booty, exercise, feats of strength

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