Carrying Goldie and her huge tits

by savannahfox

Goldie and Savannah are out by the pool in their bikinis. They just came home from the gym and are flexing and showing off their muscles. They show off their thick thighs and powerful legs. Savannah claims she is now so strong she can lift anyone at the gym! Goldie is intrigued. She hasn't done that much of lifting and wants to try. Savannah assures her that is how she gets super strong. Goldie tries to lift Savannah but finds out she is super heavy weighing in at 160lbs. Goldie does do extra carrying everyday! She has to carry her giant tits around, they must weigh at least 30 lbs! She picks them up and jiggles them showing Savannah how heavy they are. Savannah agrees and shows Goldie how its done. Savannah picks Goldie up over her shoulder, so Goldie's toned booty is right in Savannah's face. Savannah walks back and fourth, showing Goldie the ropes. When Savannah gets down low for a squat, Goldie spanks her booty and is amazed by Savannah's awesome ass. She then shows Goldie how to do a cradle carry. Eager to show her carry, Goldie strips out of her bikini top and lifts her huge tits up and down. They are heavy! Her muscles flex and her veins start to pop! Savannah agrees they should work together, She orders Goldie to hold up her tits and Savannah picks her straight up in the air by her thighs. Savannah does calf raises, and then begins to bounce Goldie up and down. Her big breasts bounce up and down as Savannah boosts her up higher and higher. She then carries her in fireman and does superman with Goldie. Goldie is amazed by how strong Savannah is and Savannah tells her its her turn to try and do a carry. Savannah jumps on Goldies bare back and orders her to try to carry her. Goldie after getting a good warm up by lifting her tits is confident, and carries Savannah back and fourth. Savannah helps her walk even further by lifting Goldies breasts for her while Goldie is carrying her. Both women are so strong! Savannah picks Goldie up in a front carry. When she picks her up even higher in her arms Goldie's tits start to smother Savannah! Savannah can hardly breathe, Goldie's boobies are so big that they are completely smothering her. Goldie doesn't want Savannah to drop her, so she tries to lift her heavy tits off of Savannah's face! But it doesn't work! They are too big! Savannah tries to bounce Goldie up and down to breathe but Goldie's tits continue to smother her!

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