broke boyfriend gets scissored

by Savannah Fox

Savannah comes home from work extremely distraught. She is surprised to she her boyfriend home playing games on the phone instead of being at work. As she tries to tell him her woes, he just ignores her and plays his games. She yells at him that when she tried to pay all the bills today all the checks bounced. Confused thinking there was $5000 in her account she went to the bank, only to be told there is no mistake and she has only has $5 left! She asks him what happened?! She gave him her bank card so he can buy music or books here and there and to find out he spent it all playing games!!! Barley listening to her, he asks her for some more money, he has to buy some new workout supplements. That's the last straw with Savannah. She throws him a $5 bill and tells him to take it, because that's all she has left! He has bankrupted her! When he suggests she should just get a second job, she angrily gets up and tells him they are over. She is sick of his , and he needs to be gone by the time she gets home. Realizing he is about to lose his sugar mama, he starts acting really nice and begging her to reconsider. She insists he will not change. He tries everything to get her to stay, even offering to clean the house for her whiles shes at work. An evil smile creeps over Savannah's face. Fine she says Ill reconsider but you are not doing house chores. She orders him to sit on the floor in front of her. Confused he hesitates and sits down. He was excepting to get his way like always, but now he's not so sure. She sits down on the couch behind him and hikes up her skirt. She pulls his head back in her lap between her thick thighs. Excited but now really confused. He thinks hes getting off super easy, he asks if hes getting a head massage. Something like that she says smugly as she reaches her feet down to his croth. Thinking she is going to play with his dick, he gets turned on, but then out of nowhere she squeezes him! Ouch! that hurt, wtf! what was that??? She laughs at his shocked and dismayed face as she locks her ankles and puts him in a full scissorhold. He tries to squirm away but her powerful thighs hold him tight between her legs. As his face turns red and purple she laughs at his pain and explains that for all the times he has screwed her over and now she is going to make him suffer! He gasps and chokes between her thighs, wondering how she could ever be that strong? As his field of vision narrows he realizes he is about to pass out!

Keywords: scissorhold, strong thighs, female domination, mixed wrestling

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