lift and carry show off

by Savannah Fox

Savannah and Eli get home from a good pump session at the gym. Eli complains he's already sore, but Savannah laughs at him. Did he see how much she was squatting? She's the one that should be sore. Eli just brushes her off saying he's obviously stronger then her. He shows off by flexing but Savannah is not impressed. Has he seen the size of her thighs? She flexes her thighs and tells him to feel how hard they are. She is way stronger then he will ever be! He argues that his legs are just as strong if not stronger. She challenges him to make a bet then. She bets him that she can pick up, carry him around, throw him over her shoulders, and even squat him! He shakes on it saying she will never be able to squat him, he weighs over 165lbs! Savannah laughs as she revels the wager....winner gets to fuck the loser! Eli tries to back-pedal, not wanting to get fucked in the ass! But Savannah tells him too bad, he already shook on it! Savannah begins her first challenge, she picks him up piggy back and flexes her biceps. As she walks around the room for a bit, Eli tells her she must be getting tired, but she tells him she's just getting warmed up. She turns her ass to the camera and sumo squats him. She gets real deep, making his feet touch the floor! From then on she wrecks Eli's stupid boy notion that she wasn't as strong. She does jumping jacks with him! She puts him high on her shoulders in a fireman's carry. She shows off doing it one handed! She even runs 6 laps around the room with him on her shoulders! She puts him down confident that she won the challenge. Eli is impressed by her strength and muscular prowess but he is still not convinced she is stronger. Furious to prove her superiority, Savannah sweeps him up into her arms into a cradle carry. She tells Eli she definitely wins because now she is carrying him around like a little bitch! She takes it a step further and even curls him! Savannah is so powerful! She puts him down and makes out with him. She picks him up in a front piggyback. Telling him she wants to have his cock rubbing against her pussy. Shes feeling so powerful, it turns her on so much! She shows off some more, squatting his ass all the way to the floor! She leans forward and bounces him, telling him how much she is going to enjoy giving him her cock. She carries him back and fourth kissing him, and telling him she is the victor and can't wait to claim her prize! But first, since he has made her workup a nice sweat, as punishment for talking so much trash. Now hes going to lick her sweat off. She takes off her sports bra, and orders him to lick off her boob sweat. He licks up and down getting every drop off. Oh and don't forget my armpits, I want every inch of me to savor this victory!

Keywords: lift and carry, feats of strength, challenges, strong woman, leggings, boob sweat, forced worship

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