Zentai Lana vs Zentai Veve: The Initiation

by lana luxor

To become a member of the elite Zentai Wrestling League (ZWL), newbie Zentai Lana has to not only fight but last the entire round against the president - ZWL's very own Zentai Veve! At the beginning of this 7 - minute match, both opponents begin standing until Zentai Veve throws Zentai Lana down and ferociously tries to make her submit with various holds including but not limiting to - arm bars and scissors. Does Zentai Lana has what it takes to last without calling it quits all together? Stats: Purple Lana Luxor 5'7 and 145lb & Shiny Pink Veve Lane 5'4 and 125lbs.

Keywords: zentai, nylon encasement, fetish, competitive wrestling, fvf

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Length: 9 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
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