Skylar and the human weight set pt1

by Savannah Fox

Savannah is stretching getting ready to work out when she receives a frantic message from Skylar. Savannah told her to come over and Skylar comes in freaking out. She went up to the gym but the sign said it was closed! Surprised she didn't notice Savannah tells her, Yes they are closing it for a week for renovations. What??!! Skylar can't have that, she has a competition coming up, she NEEDS to go to the gym. If she can't lift weights, she might as well throw in the towel right now on her competition. Savannah tells her not to worry, Skylar can work here with her. Skylar looks around in disbelief, umm I don't see any weight here she says. But Savannah reassures her. Doesn't Skylar ever wonder how Savannah stays in shape while hardly ever leaving the house? She revels her secret to Skylar telling her that she has her own personal weight set. Savannah whistles and calls her weight set into the room, its a man! Skylar laughs in disbelief, is Savannah for real? Yes! Savannah exclaims, he exists only to be my weight set, and you can call him that too! She explains that he weighs around 170lbs and is great for lifting. She shows Skylar how to do squats with him. She orders the weight set to jump on her back and gets into squat position. She squats him all the way down showing Skylar how thick and powerful her thighs have gotten from doing this. She turns around and does some more squats showing off her big strong booty. Skylar admires her gluts and wants to try. Savannah's legs are so thick, she might be on to something here. Skylar picks the weight set up and tries a couple squats herself. Skylar admits that is all good for her legs and booty, but what about the rest of her body? Savannah is happy to demonstrate,she shows her that for arms, she picks him up in a cradle carry and then curls him! She has gotten super strong that way. And for her back, she puts the weight set over her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Now you could to run in place with him in this carry as she shows Skylar. Or I even squat him like this too, keeping him up high to work my shoulders. Savannah gets a couple of nice deep squats in. Basically you can use him for anything, Savannah gleefully explains. And now I'm getting a sweat on. Eager to work out Skylar lifts him in a fireman's carry and tries it out. She even takes it a step further by using him for calf raises. Savannah admires her powerful calves and encourages her to keep going. Her defation really coming in. Skylar is pleased, maybe she can still win this competition. Savannah shows her by carrying him on her front, she can sumo squat him. Savannah gets really deep, practically squatting him to the floor! She finishes a good set and hands the weight set off to Skylar. Continued in part 2

Keywords: lift and carry, strong women, fitness, squats, muscles

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