beauty vs the beast pt.1

by savannahfox

Savannah has been getting really good at wrestling. Problem is she has no one to practice with. Her friend Rapture agrees to come over and be her practice dummy. Savannah has her in a tight body scissor. Rapture is complaining though that Savannah is squeezing her to hard. Savannah offers to try something else if its to much for Rapture. She reaches over and tickles her armpit! Rapture bursts into laughter! Then tells Savannah no, that's not better. "How about this ?" Savannah asks and reaches down to tickle in between Rapture thick thighs. Rapture lets out peels of laughter and tries to squirm out. Savannah locks her legs down, and goes to back to squeezing her. Rapture again complains its to hard, so Savannah giggles and reaches down to tickle her legs again! She tickles her thighs and knees. Rapture laughs hoarsely and causes Savannah to laugh. Savannah is obliviously enjoying this little game. She's never tickled Rapture before and likes the sound of her laugh. She lets Rapture up and gets serious. They match up and start wrestling again. Rapture pins Savannah to the ground and decides to give her a taste of her own medicine. She reaches out and tickles Savannah's belly. Savannah laughs and struggles to get up. Rapture pulls her into a reverse figure four though and tickles her again! But Savannah's not about to lie down and take it. She forces Rapture up, and gets a reversal. She wraps her powerful thighs around Rapture's midsection. Savannah squeezes her and tickles her thighs. Rapture gasps and laughs, trying to catch her breathe. She smacks Savannah's ass and tries to buck her off. Savannah grits down and tickles her armpits! Rapture can't stop laughing. In an attempt to get Savannah off she tickles her feet! Savannah tries really hard to keep her feet locked, but all that tickling is making her feet super jumpy. The girls laugh and try to out do each other. Realizing she is caught in a stale mate, Savannah opens her legs and jumps onto Raptures back to take her down. She puts her in a choke hold and body scissor. She taunts Rapture saying, "What are you going to do now, that I've got you?" Raptures bikini top slips off to reveal her huge tits and perky nipples. Savannah chokes her until she taps. But Savannah is having fun in this position. With a free hand she viciously tickles Raptures armpits. She moves up to her neck as Rapture laughs more and more. "Guess I'll just have to find what part of you is most ticklish!" She gleefully exclaims as Rapture begs her to stop

Keywords: wrestle, tickle, bodybuilder, muscular women, tall women, wrestling pit

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