Lana Luxor Vs. Layla Moore: Size MixMatch Bearhug Battle

by lana luxor

At Fetish Con, Lana Luxor challenges experienced Bear Hug Queen Layla Moore to a competitive bear hug match. Lana acknowledges that Layla is strong and there's definitely a size advantage (almost double her weight and 6 inches taller) however Lana is pretty confident that she can take Layla since she has chiseled muscular arms due to her consistent warm - up exercises in Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu. Layla is amused that Lana thinks she can take her and tells her to bring it! Lana and Layla go back and forth attempting to lift each other. If the squeezing becomes unbearable, then the lady will tap! Layla doesn’t hold back or takes pity on her much smaller opponent as she squeezes Lana hard each time as she mocks her while Lana has a hard time trying to wrap her arms around Layla’s Amazonian body to squeeze her! In the end, is Lana strong enough to dethrone Layla as the Bea Hug Queen? There is loads of trash talking back and forth between the two as they try to exert dominance over the other. The losing lady strips out of her leotard and has to kiss and worship the bicep of the winning lady! Lana Luxor is 5'7 and 150lbs wearing a white thong leotard. Layla Moore is 6’1 and 290lbs wearing a red leotard and nude pantyhose.

Keywords: bearhugs, leotard, amazon, barefoot, female wrestling

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