Surprise farting session

by savannahfox

Savannah is an avid session wrestler and farter. She periodically likes to check on her amazing reviews online. But while surfing the forums she comes across some guy named Joel. He's complaining about her farting clips. He talks mad smack about how her farts are all fake and they don't even smell it all. He ends his post bragging about how strong he is and she couldn't even touch him. Angered by his false comments she decides to message Joel. She offers to book him a light wrestling/farting session free of charge. He happily agrees and is eager to take her on. During the match, Savannah puts him in several different holds. Forward and Reverse Face Sitting. She uses her thick thighs to overpower him. She puts him in a Forward and Reverse Head Scissoring and begins to fart all over him. He HATES it, and is begging for Savannah to stop and struggles to get away. Shes laughs, and teases him. What's the matter Joel? You were complaining that my farts were faking that they didn't smell at all? Are you changing your mind now? He gasps for breath and tells her that yes! Her farts are super real and they're super stinky! He struggles to break free of her but she just left enforces him back down again. She lowers her big booty on his face and rips ass! He coughs and chokes on her stinky farts! She laughs in his face and then begins to tell him her special diet that she had for the session. Since he was talking so much smack she want to make sure her farts were the stinkiest they have ever been! He quickly agrees that they're very stinky and agrees to end the match right away and take back all of that he said online. Savannah just mocks him and decides to really teach him a lesson about talking smack online! She forces him over and over to take her smelly farts. Putting him and holds and smothering him. Forcing him to only breathe in farts and no air! Finally after he's completely humiliated she stops and decides to give him a little interview as proof that he was forced to admit her farts are stinky and real! She makes him answer 1) How bad were her farts today? 2) What did they smell like? 3) Is he ever going to mock her again? At the end of the interview she walks over to where he sitting and decides to give him one more giant blast to the face!

Keywords: session facesit scissorhold farting wrestling

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