by jennifer thomas

Mistress Nadia Miller is a powerhouse! She benches 250lbs, squats 350lbs and deadlifts 375lbs. Earlier in the event she appeared to simply fling her opponents at will. There was simply nothing they could do against her immense power. Hanz is already well aware he doesn’t have a prayer of trying to match muscle against Nadia as all his best lifts are well below hers. She is just simply stronger. But he will try to use his longer wrestling experience to take it to the muscle girl.Nadia explodes with a rush of power that has Hanz floored early but he wrestles back to give her a challenge like she has not yet experienced in the event. Both managed to lock seriously strong grips on each other and it seems like it’s anyone’s match.Eventually one of them is able to wear out the resistance of the other and draw the first submission that has the other wrestler reeling. A final second submission ends the match as one of the wrestlers concedes from a hard exhausting struggle and cannot continue!

Keywords: mixed wrestling

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