1606-Bitch Fight Over A Boy

by Jezabella

~ Jezabel & Mutiny don’t need an excuse to fight, but in this case, its 1606-Bitch Fight Over a Boy!! Jezabel vs Mutiny In this catty topless catfight, 1606-Bitch Fight Over a Boy, I, Jezabel Romo & that Canadian bitch Mutiny want the same man and are willing to leave it all the in the ring to be victorious and claim our coveted studly prize. She thinks that just because she has a big ass & bigger boobs that she can just take what she wants. Fuck that, I want him just as badly as she does and am willing to fight more dirty than I have ever done to get him. She thinks this will be a “gentlewomans dual”,….bitch I came from the barrio’s of Los Angeles, I fight to win, not to be a lady! Suddenly I attack her and upload a fury of belly punches, crotch shots, titty and as much viciousness I think of to destroy this fucking cunt. I even her with some very beautiful ass to face stinkfaces, I just love to her with my big mexican ass!!! But she just won’t admit defeat. Ok you Canadian bitch, you want to be like that, I can get even more on your luscious body, lets see how much more of my Latina can you take? I decide its time to really scare her and throw her out of the ring and tie her to a chair, dominating her even more now that she is helpless. And the damn chica has the nerve to demand to be released and threatens to kick my sweet latina ass…..yeah right bitch, whose the one tied to the chair..HA! Finally after a few more cunt numbing crotch shots, I release her thinking this is an easy win, but damn, I think I really stirred the hornets nest with this one and she releases her fury like a woman about to lose her man and exacts an even more punishment on me! Oh fuck, what have I gotten myself into? Now since we do have such a long (yet ) history, this bitch knows one of my greatest fears is feet. I hate feet and this cunt decides that will be the best punishment for me and rubs her feet all over me, barefoot caresses to my crotch and bare tittied chest before finally lavishing my face with the bottom of her cute disgusting feet, smothering me with the damn offending things……..before the final humiliation, writing across my helpless body “Mutinys Bitch – the boy is mine” Oh God the humiliation…I lost the match and the man! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1606-Bitch Fight Over a Boy” and watch as Mutiny finally gets her revenge and degrades the heck out of Jezabel!

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