Tori Sinclair vs Goldie Blair Ring Wrestling (MP4)

by tori sinclair_deleted

TORI SINCLAIR is back in the ring for another tough wrestling encounter, as seen in this vintage original footage from her contest vs. busty British babe GOLDIE BLAIR. The weather was really sweltering during this July match, with Goldie's magnificent mammaries crammed into a one-piece swimsuit along with wrestling boots, while Tori was instructed by the collector's custom script to be barefoot and topless in a tiny G-string... Tori knows Goldie well from many previous fights and wrestling matches and goes into their match with confidence and trash talk, but on this day the big-breasted Ms. Blair is simply too ferocious and relentless, and poor Tori gets pinned, twisted, scissored, smothered, mauled, pinched and wedgied to a fare-thee-well! Yes, Goldie is in full control pretty much throughout this custom wrestling featurette, and caps off her ring triumph with a humiliating final wedgie followed by a removal of Tori's G-string! Tori is left on the mat completely nude with her bikini bottom stuffed in her mouth! MP4 format. Footage courtesy of STJ

Keywords: Tori Sinclair, Goldie Blair, pro style, wrestling, ring wrestling, domination, stripping, wedgies, smother, scissorhold

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Length: 29 minutes Resolution: 960x540
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