The Slave Has Demands Part 1 (Full Length Video)

by goddess severa

Once subs have had a rare taste of Goddess Severa's delicious honeypot, they lose their minds and go crazy when they are denied. In this, truth is stranger than fiction real-life story, a half-witted female, 4'11" slave obsesses over and stalks 6'5" Goddess Severa. Unfortunately, the kind and generous acts of the lovely Dominatrix have come to an unfortunate end, as the spoiled and cheap slave ungratefully demands a partial refund for a session she was dissatisfied with. The idiotic and presumably mentally-challenged sub has a sassy attitude and spouts nonsense like, "Don't slaves have rights?!" and complains about the lack of marks from their last corporal session.Once and for all wanting to be rid of the whiny masochist, Goddess Severa allows the slave into Her dungeon to try to talk some sense into her. Aided by paddles, whips, canes and Her bare hand, the Goddess alternates between gentle talking, beating and lap sitting. Clad in a custom, green cloth corset, leather skirt and gloves, the Goddess has never looked more beautiful. Her pretty- but stupid- slave wears an innocent white dress, bra, thong and stockings.For those who love Femme on Femme play, height differences and corporal punishment, this movie is a real treat.

Keywords: goddess, goddess severa, severa, SPANKING, DOMINATION, BIG TITS, AMAZONS, BLONDES, LAPSITTING

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