1618-Drunken Date Brawls – Pro Femdom Wrestling

by Jezabella

1618-Drunken Date Brawls – Pro Femdom Wrestling featuring Masked Fighter Silver vs Azul Man ~ A drunken wager on who is the toughest wrestler in this pro style femdom mixed wrestling bout This is a typical tale of a drunken date gone bad. The masked wrestlers Silver and Azulman previously were drinking wine and discussing who is stronger and tougher…man or woman. Well these 2 inebriated fighters decide to take it to the ring and find out for their tipsy selves, and this is where we find them now……as the fight starts and progresses, our sexy female Silver seems to give more punishment than she is taking in the form of strikes, low blows, headscissors and even a cunt to face Bronco Buster on the unsuspecting Azul Man. But she doesn’t finish there, she has a point to prove and she will make sure Azul Man never forgets just how strong a woman is! She delivers her own form of punishment with face straddling belly punching, clubs to the back and delivers a jaw grinding clothesline, nearly breaking Azul Man’s jaw. He tries to fight back and beg her off, but this tipsy luchadora is having too much fun in this match up. She stays one step head and hits the poor fucker with a couple of sidewalk slams, body straddling cock grabs and even hits him with a spinning DDT from the ropes….poor man never knew what trouble one little bitch could be! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “Drunken Date Brawls – Pro Femdom Wrestling” grab your favorite beverage and get ready to toast the masked luchadora Silver for her victory!

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