1619-Club Pride Topless Catfight

by Jezabella

~ Jezabel is pissed that new girl Vivi has no LGW Club Pride & decides to femdom some pride into the little bitch! Starring Jezabel Romo vs Vivi Veracruz 1619-Club Pride Topless Catfight, Vivi’s very first introduction in the fetish world of crotch attacks and topless catfights!! featuring Jezabel Romo vs Vivi Veracruz ~ Jezabel just found out that Lucha Girls Wrestling has just hired a new fighter, cute and sexy Vivi Veracruz. Jezabel is instructed to meet up with the new bitch and start her training to be an official Lucha Girl. Vivi steps in the ring & the first thing Jezabel realizes is that she has the wrong fucking club shirt on…its not a Lucha Girls issued shirt dammit! Jezabel takes her Lucha Girl pride very seriously and is now infuriated, train this bitch, she will, but now its going to be a fem dom complete with crotch attacks, titty grabbing, ass & titty smothering, stinkfaces and more! Jezabel is going to give this little chit a training session she will not soon forget!! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1619-Club Pride Topless Catfight” and watch a trainer in action with a hated new student!

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Length: 16 minutes Resolution: 854x480
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