Flexible bitch

by rage shieldmaiden

Ever wanted to see a flexible fit babe wearing high cut shiny leotard punishing cocky guy into oblivion? Look no more! Stretching, handstands, front scissors, reverse scissors, figure four, smothering, facesitting, splits victory poses, lots of creative holds, all fueled by good ol' trash talk. The video starts by Rage minding her business and stretching to prepare for wrestling match. Guy comes over and starts provoking her how women are the weaker sex, and Rage decides to shut his mouth... With her powerful thighs! She has more than a few creative ways to take her victim down, making him submit over and over until she breaks him completely and forces him to admit in the end, that she's far more superior than him, in every possible way. This is a dynamic 15:50 minute semi-competitive domination match where Rage shamelessly show off her flexibility and skill to overpower and humiliate her opponent, rub it in his face making sure he will never forget who's the boss, all while enjoying herself.

Keywords: Rage Shieldmaiden, flexible, smothering, headscissors, splits, victory pose, handstand

Price: $14.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 15 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 299044 Added: 02-15-2020