Lifting Lustful Lizzy

by queengialove

Justin? Gia bursts into the living, not to find her boyfriend but her sister Lizzy. Is he here? Gia asks. She swears she heard his name. Gia soon learns it was Lizzy that said his name she was just on the phone with him, but why? Lizzy explains they were discussing Gia's birthday. Gia finds that odd, quite odd her birthday isn't for another 4 months. What's really going on here? Gia digs deeper only for Lizzy to eventually spill the beans. "I believe him and I will be better together." she finally admits sheepishly. Gia can't believe what she's hearing, her own sister would betray her like that?! Gia won't just take that! "Are you fucking him?!" Gia screams. Lizzy's getting scared and she should be. Gia asks again this time throwing her small sister over her shoulder. Lizzy insists she's innocent but that doesn't satisfy Gia. She continues to pick on pick up and sit on her sister over and over again. Poor Lizzy could do nothing to defend herself.

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