Oil Rubdowns and Gut Punches

by queengialove

Starring Miss Gia Love Skurge Skurge and Gia get settled into the bed to start sensually rubbing oil all over each other. Gia starts it off gently massaging the silky baby oil all over Skurge's mostly exposed body. Gia's wearing a military theme bikini which suits her well, she loves to be in charge as Skurge will sure find out. Skurge then getting to work spreading the glistening oil across her back and liberally on her twerking ass. Gia gets bored with all the sensuality and decides that nice time is over. She begins to mercilessly scissor and gut punch Skurge. His grunts suggests his pain but all Gia hears in music to her eyes. She doesn't let up and begin to use him for practicing her strikes. He's leaves him there beaten to pick up her heels. Time to practice kicks she taunts.

Keywords: gut, punches, gutpunches, oil, massage

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