Session with Troy

by constancecakp

Troys ready to fight, but you know Constance immediately pussy smothers him and pops his jaw. She even takes pictures of him while he suffers. Constance flips Troy and scissoholds his head to no end. Troy must be a man of few and submissive words because he just lets Constance sit right on his face and continuously smothering him until he turns purple. Time for a fixture four hold that leads Troy down the same road of misery. More selfies in a reverse head scissorhold and a sweaty stinkface. Next Constance gives Troy a brutal standing head scissorhold over the edge of bed. It literally makes Troy cry having Constance bounce on his Adam’s apples. More stinkfaces. There’s literally no chance for him to breath between Constance’s session torture. And of course more selfies for the proof. Naughty crazy Constance. xoxo Constance & Troy Customs? EML Located on Profile

Keywords: Scissorhold, Face Sitting, Sessiongirls, Wrestler, Booty, Big Butts

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Length: 24 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
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