Rage Tackles the Thief: Semi-Competitive Mixed Wrestling

by rage shieldmaiden

Rage is sleeping peacefully when a guy breaks in her house wearing a mask. While he's trying to rob her, she suddenly wakes up catching him in action. The thief starts panicking and threatens Rage not to call the police, but little does he know he came to the wrong house that day. Rage takes a moment to wake up, then decides to overpower this schmuck and teach him a valuable lesson not to mess with her ever again. She quickly catches him in triangle choke, taking him to the ground like that, and then proceeds to pin, choke and squeeze him, making him go in a tapping frenzy! At one moment she gives him a couple of good butt slams right in his face, and shortly afterwards she lifts his whole body in the air while she's scissoring his neck, finishing this 21-minute wrestling rodeo off by tying her victim up and forcing him worship her beautiful feet... All full of herself and confident because she taught him a lesson that day he will never forget!

Keywords: Fantasy Wrestling, Scissorhold, Mixed Fighting, Semi-Competitive, Fantasy, Trash Talk, Feet Worship, Flexibility, Head Scissors, Victory Pose, Butt Slam, Rage Shieldmaiden

Price: $19.00 Format: .M4V
Length: 21 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 393375 Added: 03-19-2020