No more nice Velma (fetish parody) - Toby Springs & TerraMizu

by terramizu

Velma (TERRAMIZU) comes home from a science fair and needless to say she didn't win. Her project exploded in her face and ruined her hair. Shaggy (TOBY SPRINGS) pokes fun at her for being a NERDY GIRL and Velma has had it with everyone undermining her. She takes her frustration out on Shaggy by putting him in a HEADLOCK! Getting him on the ground, she then puts him in a BODY SCISSOR hold! Shaggy STRUGGLES, but his weak, fragile body can't escape! Velma continues the onslaught of DOMINATION by putting him in more WRESTLING holds, as well as FACE SITTING and FOOT SMOTHERING! She finally finishes Shaggy off with a SCHOOLGIRL PIN and HAND OVER MOUTH SMOTHER. His eyes roll back and she VICTORY POSES over his defeated body!

Keywords: cosplay, mixed wrestling, wrestling, fantasy wrestling, female domination, foot domination

Price: $10.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 10 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 189439 Added: 03-21-2020