Wrestle for the loot - Jerry & TerraMizu

by terramizu

Henchman JERRY has robbed a nearby bank and brought the loot to EVIL SUPER VILLAIN TERRAMIZU. Jerry puts his hand out for a reward, but Terra laughs at him, because she doesn't share with her lackeys. He refuses to leave without compensation, so she offers a winner-take-all MIXED WRESTLING match! He accepts, and they lock hands! With her amazing STRENGTH, she flips him on his back and locks him in a rear-naked CHOKE HOLD, along with a BODY SCISSOR! He's too weak to go up against a SUPER VILLAIN, and she gives him the BEATDOWN that he deserves! After throwing Jerry around like a ragdoll, he's left a battered beaten mess under the VICTORIOUS TerraMizu!

Keywords: mixed wrestling, super villain, wrestling, scissorhold, fantasy wrestling, female domination, strong woman, victory pose, upskirt, abs

Price: $11.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 11 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 214686 Added: 03-21-2020