Tickle wrestling - Sadie Starr & TerraMizu

by terramizu

TERRAMIZU & SADIE STARR decide to have a fun TICKLE WRESTLING match. They decide who the winner is out of 5 matches total. In their BIKINI'S, Terra and Sadie WRESTLE each other, putting each other in various pins to TICKLE the other opponent. Both Terra & Sadie are hyper TICKLISH and LAUGH, but eventually one needs to make the other say "Uncle" in order to tap out! The winner then TICKLES the loser in victory. They TICKLE each others ribs, ARMPITS, FEET and other areas that one wouldn't think would be TICKLISH! Who wins the TICKLE fight? Also check out at the end where the ladies talk about their actual TICKLISH spots!

Keywords: wrestling, female wrestling, tickling, foot tickling, bikini, laughing, fantasy wrestling, redhead, challenge

Price: $17.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 16 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
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