Scissor & smother my sweetheart - Aiden Valentine & TerraMizu

by terramizu

TERRAMIZU wants to surprise her boyfriend AIDEN VALENTINE with the new LINGERIE and PANTYHOSE piece she got from the clothing department store, but AIDEN is so heavily invested in his sports TV that he pays no mind to TERRA. She tries and tries again to get his attention, but he could care less about what she wants. Tired of being ignored, she pulls his head into a SCISSORHOLD! Surprised, AIDEN tries to break free, so TERRA changes her position to a FIGURE-4 lock! Her THICK, POWERFUL THIGHS in PANTYHOSE form perfectly around AIDEN'S head! She pushes him off and catches him in a BODY SCISSOR! He agonizes in pain, while she locks her LEGS tightly around him! Laying him out on the couch, she jumps on top of him in a SCHOOLGIRL PIN, following with SMOTHERING him with her BIG ASS! She lets him STRUGGLE a bit before giving him a moment to breathe! Not before long he finds himself in a REVERSE HEAD-SCISSOR by TERRA'S POWERFUL PANTYHOSE LEGS! She could crack his head open if she SQUEEZED hard enough! AIDEN is exhausted and can't hold up much longer, but TERRA isn't done yet! She FACE SMOTHERS him again with her ASS! TERRA throws his body upright and comes behind him with a BODY SCISSOR and FULL NELSON, immediately moving into a SLEEPER HOLD! He's fading fast. Finally after another ASS SMOTHERING, she finishes him with a HEAD SCISSOR and FIGURE-4 lock! AIDEN'S is KNOCKED OUT, and his body is LIMP! Maybe next time he'll pay better attention to his girlfriend!

Keywords: scissorhold, smother, female domination, pantyhose wrestling, mixed wrestling, strong women, lingerie

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Length: 10 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
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