Lana Luxor: Foxy Brown in Town - Afro Assassin

by lana luxor

Lana Luxor pays tribute to Pam Grier, who came to prominence in the 1970s for her roles as a female assassin in blaxploitation films such as Coffy and Foxy Brown. Lana as Foxy Brown comes home to her apartment to find two masked men affliated with the Mafia rummanging through her belongings. Foxy pulls out a box cutter from her afro and attempts to attack one of the masked men but the other one grabs her from behind pinning her arms to his chest. As Lana struggles, the masked man she orginally tries to attack starts frisking her to check to make sure she doesn't have anything else on her begins to start fondling her breast and legs in the process. Furious, Lana knees in the stomach before whacking him down to the ground. Foxy then begins working over his accomplice punching him in his belly and kicking him in balls until he falls on the ground as well. Now Foxy has the opportunity to teach these two no good jive turkeys a lesson as she begins dominating them wth head scissors. chokes, facesitting, body hits, kicks to the balls knocking them both out over and over until she finally decides to finish them off. Funk intro music by www.bensound

Keywords: mixed wrestling, mixed fighting, facesitting, scissorhold, cosplay, beatdowns

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