Scissor Domination

by killpussy

Killpussy in black leotard and sheer pantyhose faces down the wimpy male opponent. Despite his bravado within seconds Killpussy has him in a head scissors with those powerful thighs. Twenty seven inches of muscle wrap around his body as Killpussy twists him into a choke hold. To add insult to the obvious power Kippussy displays verbal humiliation is added. Killpussy then cross pins the now struggling male opponent . Killpussy is now making the match pins count as the exhausted male is no match anymore even to try and fight back. Half Nelsons with the power of Killpussy moving into facesitting as swiftly as the Amazon Killpussy is. The match is so one sided. But would Killpussy have it any other way. Pin!

Keywords: scissorhold, pantyhose, leotard, humiliation

Price: $10.99 Format: .MP4
Length: 10 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 197726 Added: 06-18-2020