KPW207 Killpussy vs Pussy Willow Amazon showdown Part 2

by killpussy

You join us at the continuation of the epic Match of the Amazons.Killpussy in her tight black thong leotard. Pussy Willow in her blue with muti-coloured stripes leotard. Killpussy makes the first move trying to Boston Crab Pussy Willow. But squeezing into a tight ball Pussy Willow is able to fend that off for a short while but with a swift move Killpussy has Pussy Willow in a headlock. After Pussy Willow gets up she has Killpussy quickly in the best choke hold she can make. Killpussy has to tap out. Killpussy responds like lightning placing Pussy Willow in a grapevine hold. Killpussy makes it worse by licking Pussy Willows face and whispering sweet nothings to her as Pussy Willow taps out of the predicament. Soon the wrestling restarts and Killpussy has Pussy Willow in a hammer lock. Pussy Willows face goes redder as the determination not to tap out lasts for a while. However, Killpussy has a powerful grip so Pussy willow has no choice. Killpussy is far too strong for Pussy Willow who valiantly tries to wriggle and squirm to prevent the inevitable pain. Killpussy enjoys putting Pussy Willow in a schoolgirl pin before the explosive end to what turns out to be a Amazon wrestling extravaganza.  

Keywords: Amazon, Female Wrestling, Leotard

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Length: 10 minutes Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 193350 Added: 06-18-2020